Europe ex UK


25SEP 2017


With the German election over, it’s time to focus on Europe’s growth opportunities

With Angela Merkel set for a fourth term as Chancellor, we think the market’s focus should return to Europe’s strengthening economy.

19SEP 2017


Why Paris is on the up: tourism, transport and Brexit

Paris is ranked 16th in our Global Cities index. With tourism recovering and transport links improving it should be an attractive proposition to property investors.

13SEP 2017


Two reasons why European equities could surge in the coming years

With interest rates set to normalise at low levels and profit margins improving, we see scope for significant gains.

12SEP 2017


Bitcoin's bite: why central banks should clamp down on cryptocurrencies

The penny drops for central banks on cryptocurrencies.

07SEP 2017


Draghi stalls for time on QE details

ECB keeps interest rates and QE on hold and fails to talk down the euro.

06SEP 2017


How frightening is quantitative tightening?

We examine some of the potential consequences for markets when the Fed removes the punchbowl of QE. Will it be as boring a process as Janet Yellen hopes?


30AUG 2017


The future of shopping malls and what it means for property investors

The decline of malls in the US has caused concern among real estate investors. Our Global Cities blog looks at what it might mean for shopping centres in the UK and Europe

24AUG 2017


Why invest in restructuring opportunities?

Equity investors often look for restructuring opportunities. We look at what this means and how such opportunities fit into a portfolio.

09AUG 2017


Progress of Europe’s banks may mark a turning point

Much has been done on debt and tech challenges may now be the hardest battle ahead.

01AUG 2017


Eurozone growth goes from strength to strength

Real GDP accelerates as ECB mulls tapering QE.