24JUN 2016


60 seconds with Remi Olu-Pitan on the market's reaction to Brexit

Watch Remi Olu-Pitan talk about the referendum result and what it means for financial markets.


29MAR 2016


60 seconds with Johanna Kyrklund on QE "fatigue"

Record low interest rates and huge bond buying programs have been in place for the best part of a decade, but is the impact of quantitative easing (QE) on markets subsiding?

17MAR 2016


Multi-Asset Insights: Where next for the US dollar?

The latest Multi-Asset Insights looks at the impact of a strong dollar and why any further sharp appreciation might put pressure on global growth.


24FEB 2016


Multi-Asset Insights: What does increased volatility mean for investors?

This month's Multi-Asset Insights explores higher levels of volatility and the resulting risks and opportunities for investors.


27JAN 2016


60 seconds on the outlook for US bonds

Andrew Chorlton discusses where he sees the opportunities in US fixed income and why investors could be caught off-guard by the actions of the Federal Reserve.

19JAN 2016


Multi-Asset Insights: What do equity and credit markets say about global growth in 2016?

On the whole, our economic models are pointing towards moderate growth in 2016 but the picture is fragile.



23DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Multi-Asset

After years of liquidity-driven markets, investment trends look tired and we expect muted returns in 2016. Cyclical assets present the main source of potential ‘pent up returns’ and could be a wild card for investors.

23DEC 2015


Multi-Asset Insights: Is FX adjustment a cure for 'Dutch Disease'?

In this month's Multi-Asset Insights we discuss which countries are suffering from a foreign exchange-led decline in competitiveness, a phenomenon known as 'Dutch Disease'.


26NOV 2015


Outlook 2016: Multi-Asset Income

2015 has been a challenging year for asset prices; however, following large swings in government bond yields and the recent stockmarket sell-off, many income sources are offering attractive yields again. 

24NOV 2015


Multi-Asset Insights: Are bonds still an effective hedge against growth-sensitive assets?

In this month’s Multi-Asset Insights, we discuss research from our term risk premia group which considers the current hedging power of bonds, the potential drivers and the suggested action that could be taken in portfolios.