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31MAY 2017


Disappointing eurozone inflation highlights downside risks

We continue to think the ECB will prolong quantitative easing.

08MAY 2017


Macron victory marks market-friendly French election outcome

Macron’s reform agenda should be positive for economic growth in France. As political risk falls, investors can now turn their focus to the corporate earnings recovery.


25APR 2017


What a Macron victory would mean for Europe’s economy and equities

How would a Macron presidency in France affect equities, the ECB, Brexit negotiations, and more? At our latest Schroders Live event Keith Wade and Martin Skanberg discussed some of the big issues facing Europe and its markets right now.

25APR 2017


The case for ending negative rates early

Reversing negative interest rates would correct a policy mistake.

24APR 2017


Investors buoyed as Macron edges Le Pen in French election

Emmanuel Macron’s small lead ahead of the presidential run-off makes him favourite to become France’s next President.

04APR 2017


Value investment rally: has the ship sailed?

It’s not too late to get on board the value rally, according to a panel of Schroders fund managers, and a renewed focus on investment styles is here to stay.


23MAR 2017


Political pressures risk economic fissures

Political regime change, both realised and potential, could lead to some real obstacles for trade and economic progress in the US, Europe and the UK.

16MAR 2017


Investor relief at Dutch election blow to populists

While markets heave a sigh of relief at Geert Wilders' defeat in the Dutch election, political uncertainty persists as attention shifts to France. But we see bright prospects for equities as the economic backdrop improves.

15MAR 2017


An emerging market toolkit is essential for investors in the West

Economic nationalism has led to a boom in political risk analysis.

13MAR 2017


Where next for the value rally in Europe?

Late 2016 saw the market rotate towards value but opportunities now look more balanced.