07SEP 2015


60 seconds with Allan Conway on emerging market volatility

Schroders Head of Emerging Market Equities Allan Conway discusses why he remains optimistic over the outlook for emerging markets despite recent volatility induced by worries over China.

04SEP 2015


Monthly markets review - August 2015

A review of markets in August 2015, when worries over a Chinese economic slowdown sparked significant volatility.


24AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: Fed actions hold key to EM rout

If there were any doubt only a few days ago, there should be none at all now - that even incrementally more restrictive monetary policy by the Federal Reserve is a danger in a very slow growth world.

17AUG 2015


TalkingEconomics: Global storm clouds lift

While fears over Greece and Asia have faded long-term concerns persist. Keith Wade takes a look at the underlying issues that could impact the global economy.

10AUG 2015


Monthly markets review - July 2015

An overview of markets in July 2015 when developed markets rebounded but emerging markets lagged behind amid worries over Brazil and China.

05AUG 2015


Seven-year asset class forecast returns: 2015 update

According to the Schroders Economics team's latest analysis, investors looking for positive real returns over the next seven years should look to equity, credit and alternatives. 


31JUL 2015

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

July 2015

In this month's Viewpoint Schroders team of economists take a look at the issues affecting the performance of the global economy including Iberian political risks, China's equity boom and bust, and the threat posed by dollar strength.

22JUL 2015


The Sentiment Cycle: Studying the behaviour of market participants

Sentiment moves in long-term cycles; emotion, investor positioning and press coverage all change as an asset progresses through its life cycle. The graphic below takes you through the eight stages of the sentiment cycle.

13JUL 2015

Global Market Perspective

Q3 2015

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q3 2015: Looking ahead, we see a pick-up in global activity as the US bounces back from a weak first quarter and growth in Japan and Europe resumes.

01JUL 2015

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

June 2015

In this month's Viewpoint Schroders economists investigate the impact of lower global growth, the risks of UK wage inflation on interest policy, and the potential fallout of a Greek exit from the eurozone.