16MAY 2016


Schroders Quickview: Russia weathers the oil storm

Russian GDP contracted less than expected in the first quarter. A return to positive growth seems likely in the not too distant future.


29APR 2016


Schroders Quickview: French activity rebounds to lift eurozone GDP growth

Eurozone GDP growth surprises to the upside although inflation remains illusive.

28APR 2016


Is the US economy heading for recession?

Ahead of the release of US first quarter GDP growth, we examine whether the weak growth that is widely expected is a signal of an impending recession or whether it is a mere seasonal blip.

27APR 2016


Schroders Quickview: UK growth slows ahead of Brexit vote

The UK economy appears to have hit a speed bump and we believe that growth is likely to remain sluggish until the result of the referendum is known.

15APR 2016


Schroders Live: Central banks’ options, and Q2’s biggest risks

Schroders Live: After an eventful first quarter, Manus Cranny, Bloomberg’s European Markets Editor, caught up with Keith Wade and Gareth Isaac to find out their latest views on the global economy and markets.


22MAR 2016


Argentina shows Brazil the way to restore confidence

A postcard from… Latin America: A week of meetings with policymakers, politicians and the private sector in Brazil and Argentina has made for a stark comparison of two countries arguably at different stages on the same path.


15FEB 2016


Schroders Quickview: Japan economy keeps pressure on Abe and central bank

Weaker consumer spending had a detrimental impact on Japanese GDP. This will increase pressure on the Bank of Japan (BoJ) to justify its policy stance and could call into question the likelihood of the next consumption tax increase. 

09FEB 2016


Schroders Quickview: India GDP surprises, but we have our doubts

India’s fourth quarter GDP growth slowed slightly but still beat estimates, at 7.3% year on year. While the number confirms India’s place as the fastest growing major economy, we have some reservations; the quality of both growth and data are in question.

02FEB 2016


60 seconds with Rajeev De Mello on the China conundrum

Market volatility exposed investors’ unease over China’s slowdown, but Rajeev De Mello says the country’s growth is stabilising and investors must choose the right assets for a gradual recovery.


19JAN 2016


Schroders Quickview: China growth slows as stimulus effects fade

Chinese GDP came in below market expectations, but in line with our forecast, at 6.8% year on year in the final quarter of 2015. This brings 2015 growth to 6.9%, in line with the official target of “around 7% growth”, but highlights the challenges faced by the authorities in propping up growth.