Economic views

16JUL 2018


China enters the slowdown phase

Quickview: China’s economy slowed in Q2 and we see further weakness in Q3, as policymaker support takes time to translate to growth.

13JUL 2018


UK's Brexit proposal pleases nobody but is an important step forward

The proposal seeks a softer Brexit for exporters of goods, but a hard Brexit for services.

13JUL 2018


Infographic: A view of the global economy in July 2018

In this month's infographic we focus on the potential fallout of Trump's threatened trade tariffs on imports and what countries might do to counteract them.

10JUL 2018


Sluggish UK growth to keep BoE cautious

Interest rates are likely to remain unchanged until the autumn as new monthly GDP data shows a small pick-up in growth.

09JUL 2018

Global Market Perspective

Global Market Perspective - Q3 2018

How a stronger dollar would affect global growth and why we are more cautious on equities; these are two of the topics we tackle in this quarter's economic and asset allocation views.

06JUL 2018


Why has eurozone trade slowed?

We look at where trade has fallen and what this means for growth.

04JUL 2018


How might a trade war play out?

If trade tensions escalate, potential consequences could include stagflation and a stronger US dollar.


28JUN 2018

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - July 2018

This month we look at intensifying trade wars, weakness in EM currencies and ask “what happened to eurozone growth?”

22JUN 2018


Two years on: how Brexit has affected the UK economy

Senior Economist Azad Zangana assesses the true impact of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

22JUN 2018


Brexit vote two years on: are we heading for a hard Brexit?

Economist Azad Zangana looks at the significant events in the two years since the UK set out on the road to Brexit and what might come next.