25NOV 2016


Where are the post-Brexit opportunities in Europe?

Schroders experts discuss the outlook for Europe and their best investment ideas for 2017.

24NOV 2016


Autumn Statement: Brexit forces extra government borrowing

UK Chancellor Hammond’s fiscal slippage does not constitute a “reset of fiscal policy”.

22NOV 2016


60 seconds with Huw van Steenis on why central banks are getting it wrong

Huw van Steenis explains why he thinks central banks have been struggling with the efficacy of their policies.

21NOV 2016


Trump's 25 million jobs aim spells inflation

The ambitious nature of some of Donald Trump's stated targets shows how constrained the US economy is at this stage of the cycle.

21NOV 2016


Marcus Brookes: How we've prepared for the return of inflation

A year ago, Marcus Brookes, Head of Multi-Manager, expected a return of inflation and invested accordingly. He now expects an added ‘Trumpflation’ effect.

17NOV 2016


November 2016 Economic Infographic

In this month's infographic our economists investigate globalisation and ask is it in crisis? They look at whether China's problems are building and if deflation or inflation should be of greater concern to investors.

03NOV 2016


TalkingEconomics: Europe - could higher inflation curtail central banks' stimuli?

After years of deflationary dynamics, energy inflation is set to lift European and UK inflation significantly over the next few months. However, the energy effects will only be temporary and will have a deflationary impact in the medium term.


20OCT 2016


Brazil cuts rates with further easing likely

Lingering concerns over inflation constrain more aggressive cuts for now.

12OCT 2016


60 seconds with James Sym on the end of the current investment cycle

James Sym discusses the areas of the stockmarket which can prosper and those which may suffer at this stage of the cycle.


21SEP 2016


No BoJ rate cut, but new policies brought in to boost inflation

The BoJ move is welcome, but will the public be convinced?