05DEC 2016


TalkingEconomics: Global forecast update - growth and risks rise under Trump

We have upgraded global growth for the first time in nearly two years. Better near-term activity plus a more favourable outlook for the US, UK and emerging markets are behind the move.

05DEC 2016


Renzi's resignation will hurt Italy's long-term outlook

Referendum defeat leaves Renzi no choice but to resign and increases pressure on the ECB to maintain stimulus.

01DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: European equities

2017 could be a volatile year for European equities but this can create significant investment opportunities, particularly as earnings look poised to improve.


09NOV 2016


Trump victory: after initial boost, weaker growth and higher inflation likely

Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election could lead to trade wars, with tariffs likely to rise.


26OCT 2016


EuroView: Looking beyond the short-term risks

Rory Bateman discusses near-term risks facing European equity investors, and assesses the longer-term outlook for earnings and valuations.

24OCT 2016


Is Australia's luck running out?

Is The Lucky Country’s extraordinary run of economic growth about to end?


12SEP 2016


September 2016 Economic Infographic

In this month's Olympic themed infographic we examine the outlook for global growth and how emerging market performance is set to improve.

09SEP 2016


60 seconds with Keith Wade on cutting his global growth forecast

Keith Wade explains why the economics team has trimmed its forecast for global growth this year.


18AUG 2016


Are negative rates helping? These three charts suggest not

Desperate times have prompted desperate measures. But is the extreme medicine working? Savers and investors may wish to look away now.

04AUG 2016


60 seconds with Azad Zangana on the BoE rate cut

The latest measures from the Bank of England (BoE) are likely to be helpful, but no panacea.