Fixed Income

09NOV 2016


How the market reacted to the US election: Four essential charts explained

Following Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election we look at the performance of gold, US healthcare stocks, the dollar and the volatility index to gauge the market’s reaction.

09NOV 2016


What does Trump's win mean for bonds?

We discuss some of the implications of the US presidential election result for the global bond market.


30SEP 2016


60 seconds on data science in fund management

Ben Wicks explains how fund managers are using data science to improve their investment returns.

06SEP 2016


How can bond investors generate returns in a low rate, post-Brexit world?

Bond investors seeking stable returns face an increasingly difficult task, but there are options available.

01SEP 2016


Return-free risk

Bonds are at the epicentre of what is a highly fragile environment.


18AUG 2016


Are negative rates helping? These three charts suggest not

Desperate times have prompted desperate measures. But is the extreme medicine working? Savers and investors may wish to look away now.

02AUG 2016


60 seconds with Rajeev De Mello on the yields in EM

While so much of the bond market offers negative yields, emerging market debt is growing in attraction.


27JUL 2016


60 seconds with Rajeev De Mello on EM corporate bonds as an income solution

Interest rates and yields on government bonds remain near record lows leaving investors scrambling for solutions to their income problems. Rajeev De Mello explains why emerging market corporate debt provides an answer.

19JUL 2016


13 years of returns: history’s lesson for investors

This table shows how five main types of investment have performed in each of the last 13 years, underlining why diversification is so important to your portfolio.


24JUN 2016


Schroders Live – EU Referendum Special

At a special event following the result of the European Union referendum, four Schroders experts assess the possible implications of the Britain’s decision to leave the economic bloc.