14JUL 2017


What does the "rise of the robots" mean for asset prices?

The world could be heading for a dystopian or booming future thanks to the incredible advances being made in automation. We look at the robot age and what it might mean for investors.

12JUL 2017


European banks: why investors should still be choosy even as prospects brighten

Bank shares have been supported by expectations of higher interest rates but these could take some time to materialise. We prefer banks that are less reliant on the rate backdrop and note UK banks look attractive for patient investors.

11JUL 2017


20 years on: could the Asian financial crisis be repeated?

Matthew Dobbs, a veteran Asian fund manager, was in the eye of the storm in 1997. He examines why it happened and whether it could be repeated

06JUL 2017


Quarterly markets review - Q2 2017

An overview of markets in Q2 2017 when equities were supported by encouraging corporate earnings and a generally positive economic picture.

03JUL 2017


Seven charts that caught our eye in June

We highlight a few of the charts we found interesting this month, including a roundup of stockmarkets, a warning to bulls and a global infrastructure deficit .


30JUN 2017


How the FTSE 100 has changed over 33 years

As the FTSE 100 undergoes another quarterly change, we look back at what happened to the iconic names of yesteryear – and why it’s important for investors to understand the transformation.

29JUN 2017

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

July 2017

In this month's viewpoint we consider whether we have seen the end of the "Trump trade", if investors have become too complacent and where the danger points are for emerging markets.

27JUN 2017


In praise of activist investors

Agitators are far from perfect, but they can play key role in spurring long-term thinking.

26JUN 2017


Are car loans a slow-motion car crash?

Wary of a repeat of the subprime mortgage crisis, investors are eyeing auto loans with rising suspicion. Are they right to worry?

22JUN 2017


Fourth time lucky: MSCI to include China A-shares

China A-shares have been included in MSCI indices. It is another step forward for China’s markets. We look at how investors can make the most of it.