25AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: Growth and deflation realisation behind Asian sell-off

Structural worries on a number of fronts have sparked sharp falls in Asian stocks.

24AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: Fed actions hold key to EM rout

If there were any doubt only a few days ago, there should be none at all now - that even incrementally more restrictive monetary policy by the Federal Reserve is a danger in a very slow growth world.

24AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: What is driving current stockmarket volatility?

Equity markets are experiencing turbulence but the authorities have tools available to calm markets.

20AUG 2015


European equities: Ongoing economic recovery favours domestically-focused firms

Eurozone equities have had a volatile summer but the region’s economy continues to recover and improvements in corporate earnings should drive further share price advances.

17AUG 2015


TalkingEconomics: China’s equity boom and bust

China’s equity market boom and bust should have a limited immediate macroeconomic impact, but we fear the seeds of a future crisis have been sown.

13AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: How will China's devaluation impact eurozone equities?

China’s central bank has taken steps to devalue the renminbi. The initial direct impact on eurozone equities is fairly limited but certain sectors and companies have more pronounced exposure.

10AUG 2015


Monthly markets review - July 2015

An overview of markets in July 2015 when developed markets rebounded but emerging markets lagged behind amid worries over Brazil and China.

05AUG 2015


Seven-year asset class forecast returns: 2015 update

According to the Schroders Economics team's latest analysis, investors looking for positive real returns over the next seven years should look to equity, credit and alternatives. 

04AUG 2015


Seeking yield: the long-term Asian dividend story

Despite the prospect of an impending Federal Reserve rate hike, we believe the long-term case for investing in Asian dividend stocks remains strong.


31JUL 2015

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

July 2015

In this month's Viewpoint Schroders team of economists take a look at the issues affecting the performance of the global economy including Iberian political risks, China's equity boom and bust, and the threat posed by dollar strength.