14FEB 2019

Will our money last us to 100?

We ask leading experts if we are saving enough money now to afford a 100 year life.


12DEC 2018



04DEC 2018


Inescapable investment truths for the decade ahead

Our inescapable truths are the economic forces and disruptive forces we think will shape the investment landscape over the years to come.


28NOV 2018


The convergence question in the Emerging Markets

The idea of convergence is a powerful one for many emerging market investors. The idea that emerging countries will inevitably experience “catch-up” economic growth to developed markets is a key part of their appeal.


11JUL 2018

Economic Views

Why 70% of people keep investing after retirement

More than two-thirds of people plan to continue investing even in retirement, according to a major global study.

10JUL 2018


The potential income shock awaiting pension savers

A global study of investor attitudes finds that those close to retirement expect to replace 74% of their salary when they give up work. The reality for those already retired is very different.


01MAY 2018

Fixed Income

Three scenarios that show how quickly inflation can erode your wealth

Further increases in inflation may lie ahead in 2018 and 2019. In the first of a new series, we highlight how inflation can affect your investments


03APR 2018


Can late boomers avoid retirement bust?

The savings challenges facing the last of the baby boomers and the earliest cohorts of Generation X have fundamentally changed. The combination of low inflation, repeated financial crises, falling yields, lower levels of pension security as well as increasing longevity make successful retirement saving increasingly difficult.



04DEC 2017

Global Investor Study

Investors save 11% of their salary for retirement - is it enough?

The Schroders Global Investor Study finds that even established investors are not putting away enough for retirement. Europeans are saving the least.