UK election



25JUL 2017

The FTSE in 2017: six charts that tell the story so far

The UK stockmarket rose in the first half of 2017 in the face of political and economic uncertainty. We look at why and what the future may bring.



09JUN 2017


60 seconds on the UK election implications for the economy and Brexit

Growth could slow and Brexit talks remain the big uncertainty.

09JUN 2017


60 seconds on the outlook for equities after the UK election

The period following Brexit is likely to be turbulent for the FTSE but there will be opportunities to buy cheap stocks.

06JUN 2017


60 seconds on fading political risk and the outlook for the dollar

Keith Wade discusses global political risks and the consequences of a weaker US dollar.


11MAY 2017


A political checklist for stockmarket investors

Brexit, Trump and European elections all had the potential to cause chaos in the stockmarket. Yet investors have remained calm. What next?

03MAY 2017

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: Snap UK election offers hope for a softer Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May’s surprise announcement that there will be an election on 8 June has been cheered by investors. The economy is on the verge of slowing, making holding the election more urgent for the government.

02MAY 2017


How does the FTSE 100 perform before elections?

Data shows that markets tend to rise in the lead-up to elections when there is a degree of confidence about who the likely winner will be.


18APR 2017

Economic Views

Shock UK election call could strengthen May's Brexit hand

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for a snap general election could bolster her negotiating position with the EU and within her own party. This may potentially lead to a "softer" Brexit.