Keith Wade

18APR 2017

Economic Views

Shock UK election call could strengthen May's Brexit hand

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for a snap general election could bolster her negotiating position with the EU and within her own party. This may potentially lead to a "softer" Brexit.

07APR 2017

Economic Views

Slower US payrolls likely a one-off as weather casts cloud on data

Although latest job data from the US is weaker than expected, it is likely to bounce back next month rather than mark the start of a downturn.

03APR 2017

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: Is populism good for markets?

In this monthly summary of our views on the global economy, we discuss the impact of populist policies on markets, political risk in France and the recent upswing in global trade.


29MAR 2017

Economic Views

Article 50: what’s next for investors?

On the day the UK prime minister triggered Article 50, beginning a two-year process that will see the country leave the EU, we find out from our economists what they expect now for the UK economy.

23MAR 2017

Economic Views

Political pressures risk economic fissures

Political regime change, both realised and potential, could lead to some real obstacles for trade and economic progress in the US, Europe and the UK.

20MAR 2017

Economic Views

The story of the global economy in pictures - March 2017

This month's infographic illustrates why we think the global economy still has hurdles to overcome despite a good start to 2017.

16MAR 2017

Economic Views

Dovish rate rise from the Fed while BoE and BoJ stand pat

Global central bank roundup: while the Federal Reserve moves towards normalisation of interest rates, it appears to remain a remote prospect for Japan and the UK.

03MAR 2017

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: World economic recovery faces inflation headwind

In the monthly summary of our views on the global economy we highlight the growing threat inflation poses.

01MAR 2017

Economic Views

Focus turns to the Fed after few policy clues from Trump

Trump’s address to Congress was light on detail but his job creation plans pose inflationary risk, and Fed officials are already taking a more hawkish tone.


23FEB 2017

Economic Views

What next for inflation?

We explain why inflation is on the rise and look at the situation in the US, UK, Europe and China