Keith Wade

21SEP 2016

Economic Views

No BoJ rate cut, but new policies brought in to boost inflation

The BoJ move is welcome, but will the public be convinced?

12SEP 2016

Economic Views

September 2016 Economic Infographic

In this month's Olympic themed infographic we examine the outlook for global growth and how emerging market performance is set to improve.

09SEP 2016


60 seconds with Keith Wade on cutting his global growth forecast

Keith Wade explains why the economics team has trimmed its forecast for global growth this year.


12AUG 2016

Economic Views

August 2016 Economic Infographic

In this month's infographic we look at the market's dependency on liquidity injections from central banks and the dangers that lie within.

05AUG 2016

Economic Views

US jobs: another positive payrolls surprise

A strong employment report keeps the door open for an interest rate rise in December.


29JUL 2016

Economic Views

Bank of Japan: cupboard is bare but corporate prospects undimmed

After the Bank of Japan's latest policy decision, we look at the options left for authorities to stimulate the economy and the outlook for corporate earnings.

20JUL 2016

Economic Views

July 2016 Economic Infographic

In this month's infographic our economists look at the potential fallout of Brexit for the UK economy and what it might mean for the global economy.

08JUL 2016

Economic Views

Schroders Quickview: Payrolls roulette continues

Latest jobs data suggest the US may yet have to consider a rate rise before the end of the year.


13JUN 2016

Economic Views

June 2016 Economic Infographic

In this month's economic infographic we take a look at rising political risks and their impact of the global economy. We illustrate how Brexit is distorting economic progress in the UK and update our emerging market growth forecasts.

03JUN 2016

Economic Views

Schroders Quickview: US payrolls kill June rate rise

A slowdown in non-farm payrolls means the Federal Reserve is likely to wait until September before hiking interest rates.