Keith Wade


25MAY 2016


60 seconds on why cracks remain in the global growth outlook

It has been a gloomy start to 2016 for the global economy, and while the outlook over the next two quarters is set to improve, longer-term conditions are likely to remain tough.

24MAY 2016

Economic Views

Is overstated inflation hitting pensions and salaries?

Are hundreds of millions of dollars of pension payments being made unnecessarily? The truth may be politically unpalatable, but it could lie with inflation and its likely overstatement over several decades.

18MAY 2016

Economic Views

Schroders Quickview: Japan GDP figures flatter to deceive

The Japanese economy continues to struggle to regain momentum. We expect today’s GDP figures will result in a delay to the next consumption tax hike.

17MAY 2016

Economic Views

Where next for the US dollar?

With the Federal Reserve in the process of normalising interest rates, many investors question what the path of the US dollar will be over the remainder of the year.

13MAY 2016

Economic Views

May 2016 Economic Infographic

This month's infographic focuses on the unintended consequences of negative interest rates, slowing global growth and the reform journeys being undertaken by countries within emerging markets.

06MAY 2016

Economic Views

Schroders Quickview: US Jobs growth eases and wages pick up

A slowdown in jobs growth belies some encouraging underlying trends.

02MAY 2016

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - May 2016

In this month's Viewpoint we discuss the options available to policymakers in a world of low growth, the consequences of negative interest rates and emerging market reform progress.


15APR 2016

Fixed Income

Schroders Live: Central banks’ options, and Q2’s biggest risks

Schroders Live: After an eventful first quarter, Manus Cranny, Bloomberg’s European Markets Editor, caught up with Keith Wade and Gareth Isaac to find out their latest views on the global economy and markets.

14APR 2016

Economic Views

April 2016 Economic Infographic

This month's infographic focuses on the risks of Brexit, looks at why markets have regained risk appetite after the early 2016 panic, and questions whether now is the right time to invest in emerging markets.

06APR 2016

Economic Views

Panic over, but what's next for markets?

Having recovered their composure after a tumultuous start to 2016, investors are now looking for a new catalyst, but what will it be and where next for markets?