Keith Wade

01AUG 2018


Is the world economy slowing?

Global growth appears to be losing momentum in some regions, particularly in Asia and Europe. We examine the three factors that we believe to be driving the slowdown and whether these are likely to have a permanent or temporary effect.


18JUL 2018

Global Market Perspective

Global Market Perspective - Q3 2018

How a stronger dollar would affect global growth and why we are more cautious on equities; these are two of the topics we tackle in this quarter's economic and asset allocation views.

11JUL 2018

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - July 2018

This month we look at intensifying trade wars, weakness in EM currencies and ask “what happened to eurozone growth?”

04JUL 2018


How might a trade war play out?

If trade tensions escalate, potential consequences could include stagflation and a stronger US dollar.


27JUN 2018

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - June 2018

In our latest forecast update, we have revised down our expectations for global growth for the first time since September 2016.

14JUN 2018

Economic Views

Upbeat Fed turns more hawkish on rates

Markets will have to absorb a greater near-term tightening of US monetary policy after the Fed hiked rates.

07JUN 2018

Economic Views

Why we are downgrading our global growth predictions

It’s the first time we have lowered our expectations for global growth since 2016. Here are the reasons why.

01JUN 2018

Economic Views

US employment update eases concerns over economic strength

Quickview: Doubts about the strength of the US economy were assuaged with the release of the employment report for May.


15MAY 2018

Economic Views

Infographic: A view of the global economy in May 2018

We look at the potential trade war between China and the US, who else could be affected and what the likely outcome might be.

04MAY 2018

Economic Views

US employment report signals the economy has peaked at a high level

Quickview: Recent data confirm the US is late in the cycle and we maintain our forecast for a total of four interest rate hikes this year.