21SEP 2016

Economic Views

No BoJ rate cut, but new policies brought in to boost inflation

The BoJ move is welcome, but will the public be convinced?

09SEP 2016


60 seconds with Keith Wade on cutting his global growth forecast

Keith Wade explains why the economics team has trimmed its forecast for global growth this year.


29JUL 2016

Economic Views

Bank of Japan: cupboard is bare but corporate prospects undimmed

After the Bank of Japan's latest policy decision, we look at the options left for authorities to stimulate the economy and the outlook for corporate earnings.

22JUL 2016


Paying to lend? The failure of negative interest rate policy

We look at the economic and market impact of negative interest rate policy and where policymakers might head next.


21JUN 2016


Investing in the future: Japan's focus on sustainability

Japanese companies are increasingly thinking long term in order to thrive and grow in the future.


18MAY 2016

Economic Views

Schroders Quickview: Japan GDP figures flatter to deceive

The Japanese economy continues to struggle to regain momentum. We expect today’s GDP figures will result in a delay to the next consumption tax hike.

03MAY 2016


60 seconds on why investors should keep faith in Japanese equities

The recent negative view of Japan is blurring the outlook for equity investors, but once the current uncertainty clears we see a positive outlook for Japanese equities.


28APR 2016


Schroders Quickview: Bank of Japan surprises markets with inaction

The Bank of Japan’s regular policy meeting ended in Tokyo on Thursday with the policy committee deciding to take no action.

19APR 2016


Short-term negativity in Japan looks overdone

The recent pullback in Japanese equities has reduced valuations at a time when we believe the long-term picture for corporate Japan may be gradually improving.

15APR 2016

Fixed Income

Is monetisation the only ammo left in the BoJ’s arsenal?

Ahead of the Bank of Japan's (BoJ) next meeting, we believe that monetisation is fast becoming the only option left to ensure Japan's economy doesn’t enter another lost decade.