Bridging the gap between clever ideas and regulatory reality

Schroders approach to the insurance sector has been built around the need to develop a clearly defined strategy to help Finance Directors, Chief Investment Officers, Treasurers and other key decision makers optimize their investment outcomes. This strategy will include rigorous standards for what types of investment risk an insurer is willing to accept, how much exposure to each asset class is acceptable and what return the company expects from taking these risks.

  • We consider how we can add value, focusing on providing intellectual capital to help understand an insurer's liabilities, business objectives and desired returns.
  • We aim to bridge the gap between clever ideas and regulatory reality. There is no shortage of clever investment ideas out there, but there is a real shortage of ideas that actually work for an insurance company. Having analyzed the requirements we look to provide solutions that are effective.
  • We focus on the quality of our client service. In the insurance asset management team client service specialists work closely with investment and risk specialists to ensure we support our clients with the technical understanding they require. 

 Integrated solution design, service and support

Engage with all your internal stakeholders Study your asset and liability profiles Engage with our internal teams Take responsibility for your portfolio Relationship management

  • Business lines
  • Competitive position
  • Strategic plans
  • Capital and solvency
  • Examine asset mix and cash flow
  • Examine expected liabilty cash flow
  • Harness our broad investment and risk management strengths to your requirements


  • Supervise
  • Monitor capital and solvency
  • Optimize strategy
  • Customized reporting
  • Capital and solvency input
  • Access to Schroders broad platform of resources

Source: Schroders