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28FEB 2019

Infrastructure debt: why ESG is more than just a marketing term

Many investors are jumping on the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) bandwagon but who is really committed to backing up these values through credit analysis?



10JAN 2019


Is this popular measure of stock market value giving a misleading “sell” signal?

Here's why scare stories about the current CAPE being a predictor of doom may prove to be wide of the mark.



19DEC 2018


Why 2019 might be a better year for investors

After the disappointment of 2018, Chief Executive Peter Harrison rounds up the factors our fund managers think could lead to a brighter year ahead.

17DEC 2018

Fixed Income

Outlook 2019: Securitized credit and asset based lending

The securitized sector offers a respite from overcrowded corporate credit markets and inefficiencies continue to create opportunities.

11DEC 2018


Outlook 2019: Global cities

Global cities look set to benefit from a technological revolution in 2019 as investors place a higher value on knowledge than manufacturing.

11DEC 2018


Outlook 2019: European commercial real estate

Demand for European commercial real estate is underpinned by an increase in technology and professional service jobs


30NOV 2018


Amazon HQ2 - "Mr. Bezos, why didn’t you call?"

If Jeff Bezos had called the Global Cities team we could have saved him a year’s worth of work.

27NOV 2018


Freebie, anyone?

Schroders has developed a tool to measure a building’s proximity to transport hubs, which could underpin long-term returns of certain companies.