Interest Rates

15JUN 2017

Economic Views

Another Fed hike, but how many more to come?

Following the latest interest rate rise in the US, we expect a further one in September and balance sheet reduction to kick in around the turn of the year.

02JUN 2017

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: Global forecast update - political risks fade, macro risks return

The global recovery remains intact and political risks have eased, but more traditional macroeconomic concerns return to the fore.

02JUN 2017

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: European forecast update - from strength to strength

The eurozone continues to outperform expectations, although UK growth has slowed as expected.

02JUN 2017

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: Emerging markets forecast update - diverging fortunes

We have downgraded most of the BRIC economies as idiosyncratic stories deteriorate. China escapes unscathed, with a slowdown still expected later this year after a strong first quarter, as tighter policy bites.

01JUN 2017


60 seconds on the most predictable element of investing in Japan

Andrew Rose explains why the geopolitical backdrop should not distract investors from positive company-level changes in Japan.


15MAY 2017

Fixed Income

Investors should prepare for liquidity inflection point

Fixed income investors will need to be opportunistic as periods of volatility are set to increase.


28APR 2017

Economic Views

Russian central bank steps up the pace

Today’s interest rate cut is larger than expected but likely to have limited impact on the strength of the rouble.

26APR 2017

Fixed Income

How the Fed's balance sheet adds to its policy toolkit

The Federal Reserve (Fed) will seek to gradually remove its accommodative policies, not tighten to the point it slows growth. At least not yet. An expanded toolkit should help it find the right balance.

25APR 2017

Economic Views

The case for ending negative rates early

Reversing negative interest rates would correct a policy mistake.

13APR 2017

Economic Views

Brazil slashes rates to boost flagging economy

A drastic fall in inflation over the past year has led to the Brazilian central bank accelerating its easing. Further cutting is likely to follow in May.