Interest Rates


30JUL 2015

Economic Views

US rebounds, edging Fed towards a rate rise in September

Chief Economist and Strategist Keith Wade, and Fixed Income Portfolio Manager Lisa Hornby, discuss the latest US GDP release and its potential effect on the Federal Reserve's outlook.

28JUL 2015


Multi-Asset Insights: Are emerging markets prepared for the eventual US rate hike?

As the Federal Reserve looks to normalize monetary conditions, we look at the potential impact on emerging market (EM) liquidity from three angles: external, domestic and equity positioning.

14JUL 2015

Economic Views

Is the second Great Depression approaching? Part one: the case for

In the first of a two-part debate between Schroders' economists, Emerging Markets Economist Craig Botham presents the case that the global outlook is bleak and that we are on the verge of a deep depression akin to that which hit in 1929.

13JUL 2015

Global Market Perspective

Global Market Perspective - Q3 2015

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q3 2015: Looking ahead, we see a pick-up in global activity as the US bounces back from a weak first quarter and growth in Japan and Europe resumes.


18JUN 2015

Fixed Income

Fed reiterates rate hike stance

We assess the outcome of the latest meeting of the US Federal Open Markets Committee and how it affects the likely timing of the first interest rate rise.

15JUN 2015

Fixed Income

With bond yields soaring, should investors take flight?

Fixed income portfolio manager Gareth Isaac discusses the recent bond market volatility and its implications for investors over the longer term.


29MAY 2015

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic & Strategy Viewpoint - May 2015

In this month's Viewpoint, our economists focus on global growth expectations and have cut their forecasts for the US, Japan and the UK following a disappointing first quarter.

28MAY 2015


Markets: What's in store for the rest of 2015 and beyond?

At our recent forum in Edinburgh, five leading Schroders fund managers and chief economist Keith Wade met to discuss the state of global markets and assess what lies ahead.

22MAY 2015

Economic Views

End of the cycle for the US?

Chief Economist Keith Wade looks at today's US inflation release and notes that despite a negative headline inflation print, there are signs that inflationary pressures are picking up.

21MAY 2015


Massimo Tosato on the Global Investment Trends Survey

Massimo Tosato, Executive Vice Chairman of Schroders plc, looks at the disconnect between investors' expectations and behaviour highlighted by the Global Investment Trends Survey.