Interest Rates

13FEB 2018

Fixed Income

How rising interest rates have affected returns from bonds

Schroders research, covering four decades of data, shows how different types of bond have performed when rates were rising.

09FEB 2018

Economic Views

BoE: earlier and greater interest rate rises on the horizon

UK policymakers are concerned about inflation despite weak growth; we now forecast a November rate hike.

02FEB 2018

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: Duelling in Davos

This month we look at the prospects for trade and the dollar, the case for withdrawing extraordinary stimulus measures in Europe, and forthcoming elections in emerging markets.



19DEC 2017

Economic Views

Will the global economy continue to bounce back in 2018?

In this month's infographic, Schroders' economists revise up their global growth forecasts and provide their outlook for interest rates in 2018.

14DEC 2017

Economic Views

A dovish hike from the Federal Reserve

Quickview: The US central bank revised up its growth forecasts but concerns over subdued inflation still linger.

13DEC 2017


Outlook 2018: Gold

We see the gold market as broadly overlooked and offering great value as a portfolio hedge at current levels.

12DEC 2017

Fixed Income

Outlook 2018: US multi-sector fixed income

In today’s challenging market environment, we believe investors will need three attributes: realism, patience and flexibility.

11DEC 2017

Fixed Income

Outlook 2018: Global corporate bonds

Global corporate bond valuations are elevated and insufficient to compensate for risk, but there will continue to be selective opportunities to take high conviction positions.

07DEC 2017


Outlook 2018: Asian ex Japan equities

A supportive global backdrop for Asian stocks means broader secular trends will continue to play out in 2018.

07DEC 2017

Economic Views

Brazil rates sink to record low

Quickview: Central bank signals easing cycle is near its end.