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Schroders Expands Mutual Fund Line-up


New York - Schroders, the $359.2 billion* global asset manager, announced the addition of four new U.S. mutual funds as it continues to expand its investment line-up for the U.S. market. Specifically, the funds are the Schroder Long-Duration Investment Grade Bond Fund (Investor Shares ticker: STWLX), the Schroder Broad Tax-Aware Value Bond Fund (Investor Shares ticker:STWTX), the Schroder Emerging Markets Multi-Sector Bond Fund (Investor Shares ticker: SMSNX) and the Schroder Emerging Markets Multi-Cap Equity Fund (Investor Shares ticker: SMENX). Schroders has been in steady growth mode in the US and the addition of these funds to its suite of products is a reflection of Schroder’s commitment to investing in and growing its U.S. business. With the addition of these four funds, the Schroder U.S. mutual funds family grows to 13 different options.

U.S. Fixed Income

The Schroder Long-Duration Investment Grade Bond Fund and the Schroder Broad Tax-Aware Value Bond Fund are newly branded funds that were existing funds managed by STW Fixed Income Management LLC, a fixed income asset manager acquired by Schroders on April 2, 2013. These Funds are managed by six portfolio managers dedicated to value-oriented fixed income. This team manages over $11.2 billion as of March 31, 2013 and has an average of nearly 20 years of experience in managing fixed income assets. Had STW been part of Schroders on March 31st, the addition of the STW team and products would have increased Schroders’ assets under management in U.S. fixed income to $35 billion and increased global fixed Income to $86 billion as of that date.

The Schroder Long-Duration Investment Grade Bond Fund seeks to achieve a total return by investing in a portfolio of investment grade, long maturity fixed income securities. Sector allocation and security selection are determined based on an assessment of value rather than composition of the benchmark.

The Schroder Broad Tax-Aware Value Bond Fund seeks to maximize after-tax total return over the long-term by investing in a portfolio of investment grade fixed income obligations. It primarily invests in tax-exempt bonds but will invest in taxable bonds when the portfolio managers believe they are undervalued. Sector allocation and security selection are determined based on an assessment of value rather than qualitative content of the benchmark.

"Schroders continues to focus on expanding its resources in fixed income, which is evident in the recent acquisition of STW. The adoption of these two mutual funds allows us to broaden our fixed income investment options available to the advisor community", said Carter Sims, Head of US Intermediary Distribution.

Emerging Markets

To further enhance Schroders’ strong emerging markets capabilities offered in the U.S., it has added two new funds to the platform.

The Schroder Emerging Markets Multi-Sector Bond Fund seeks to provide a return of capital growth and income through investment principally in fixed income securities of governments and companies in non-developed, emerging market countries. This "multi-sector" approach integrates sovereign hard currency debt, local currency rates and currency, and emerging market corporate debt within an actively managed, strategic asset allocation framework that is less benchmark-constrained. The Fund’s portfolio managers average over 16 years of industry experience and draw on the expertise of 30-plus credit analysts across five continents, with in-market presence in seven major emerging countries.

The Schroder Emerging Markets Multi-Cap Equity Fund takes an unconstrained approach that invests across the emerging markets equity landscape broadly across all market caps, with a focus on value, quality and yield. The team manages over $34 billion in assets as of March 31, 2013 and has over a 13 year record in managing global equity portfolios.

"We have continued to focus on bringing our global expertise to the U.S. market, and the launch of the two new emerging market funds points to that focus," said Sims. "Although the recent markets have been volatile, we expect demand to continue to remain strong within emerging markets over the long term as global growth continues to be sourced from these markets. We feel both of the Funds are positioned extremely well to capture the next wave of growth in each respective asset class."


Please consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. For a free prospectus, which contains this and other information on any Schroders fund, visit or call (800) 730-2932. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.


It is possible to lose money on an investment in the Fund. The Fund will be affected by the investment decisions, techniques, and risk analyses of the Fund’s investment team, and there is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its investment objective. The values of investments held by the Fund may fluctuate in response to actual or perceived issuer, political, market, and economic factors influencing the financial markets generally, or relevant industries or sectors within them. Fluctuations may be more pronounced if the Fund invests substantially in one country or group of countries or in companies with smaller market capitalizations. Other principal risks of investing in the Fund include: Portfolio Turnover, Emerging Market Securities, Foreign Investment, Currency, Interest Rate, Credit/High-Yield, Non-Diversification, Valuation Risk, Inflation/Deflation Risk, Derivatives, Liquidity Risk and Convertible Securities. Please see the prospectus for a more detailed description of the principal risks associated with the Fund.


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