03DEC 2015

Economic Views

Global economy in pictures: Annual 2015 economic infographic

We review a turbulent year for the global economy which endured dramatic falls in the price of oil, geopolitical tension in Europe, a stockmarket crash in China and ends with the Federal Reserve considering raising interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade.


30NOV 2015

Economic Views

Schroders Quickview: Indian growth accelerates but reforms are still needed

India’s economy accelerated in the third quarter but legislative progress is needed to support sustainable growth.

20NOV 2015

Economic Views

November 2015 Economic Infographic

In the latest infographic Schroders economists examine the factors that could tip the global economy into recession, the problem with the UK's proposed 'tax-credit' reforms*, what's driving risk appetite among investors and the corruption scandals crippling Brazil.

10NOV 2015

Economic Views

China: Facing collapse or slow decline?

A postcard from...China: If, as some bears claim, China is in the middle of economic collapse, the country is hiding it well.