Real Estate


16NOV 2017


How millennials are transforming the US housing market

More millennials are renting homes rather than buying, prompting large listed companies to cater to the trend, explains our Global Cities blog


26OCT 2017


How Philadelphia’s diverse economy is helping revive the East Coast underdog

Fallen manufacturing giant Philadelphia, ranked 25th in the Schroders Global Cities Index, is fighting back thanks to technological innovation, its location and world-class educational facilities.

19OCT 2017


60 seconds on the state of real estate

In a polarised real estate market, Duncan Owen reveals some of the winning cities and those areas not looking so bright.

13OCT 2017


Amazon hunts for its perfect global city

The Global Cities team analyses Amazon's blueprint for the perfect global city.

12OCT 2017


60 seconds on why data centres matter for real estate investors

Demand for data from sectors such as the gaming industry and high frequency traders can benefit real estate in global cities.


19SEP 2017


Why Paris is on the up: tourism, transport and Brexit

Paris is ranked 16th in our Global Cities index. With tourism recovering and transport links improving it should be an attractive proposition to property investors.


30AUG 2017


The future of shopping malls and what it means for property investors

The decline of malls in the US has caused concern among real estate investors. Our Global Cities blog looks at what it might mean for shopping centres in the UK and Europe

10AUG 2017


60 seconds on the importance of universities to global cities

Tom Walker discusses the latest Schroders Global Cities Index and the importance of universities in real estate investing.

07AUG 2017


Why Miami, the US gateway to Latin America, is on the up

Miami, ranked 27th on the Global Cities Index, is a hub that plays a crucial role in trade between the US and Latin America.


12JUL 2017


Could Melbourne's house price boom derail its global city status?

Melbourne is the world’s “most liveable” city. If you can afford the property prices, that is.