Monetary Policy


23FEB 2017

Economic Views

Brazil's central bank cuts, and might accelerate easing

Falling inflation expectations give scope for further rate cuts.



22NOV 2016


60 seconds with Huw van Steenis on why central banks are getting it wrong

Huw van Steenis explains why he thinks central banks have been struggling with the efficacy of their policies.

03NOV 2016

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: China - problems build behind the dam of growth

China’s growth is stable but all the old problems remain, with renewed and persistent renminbi (RMB) weakness beginning to nudge complacent investors back into mild concern. More government stimulus will be needed – and delivered – in 2017, but we expect severe problems before the decade is out.


20OCT 2016

Economic Views

Brazil cuts rates with further easing likely

Lingering concerns over inflation constrain more aggressive cuts for now.


28SEP 2016


Schroders Live: Brexit, US elections and central banks in focus

At our Schroders Live event on 28 September, Senior European Economist & Strategist Azad Zangana and Multi-Asset fund manager Remi Olu-Pitan, discussed the major themes in markets with Manus Cranny, Bloomberg’s European Markets Editor

21SEP 2016

Economic Views

No BoJ rate cut, but new policies brought in to boost inflation

The BoJ move is welcome, but will the public be convinced?

06SEP 2016

Fixed Income

How can bond investors generate returns in a low rate, post-Brexit world?

Bond investors seeking stable returns face an increasingly difficult task, but there are options available.


05AUG 2016

Fixed Income

BoE and bonds: the fixed income view on the latest measures

The Bank of England's bold measures should gain traction in the economy. We look at the implications for bond markets from here.

04AUG 2016

Economic Views

Bank of England seeks to ease Brexit pain with interest rate cut and QE restart

The post-Brexit recession risk calls for more stimulus, but does the Bank now have any ammunition left?

04AUG 2016

Economic Views

Will you "pay to save"? What negative interest rates mean for investors

With negative interest rate policy (NIRP) imposed in Japan and across much of Europe, we explain what it means and look at its effects.