QEP Global ESG

Investment Objective

QEP Global ESG aims to outperform the MSCI AC World Index (NDR) by 3% p.a. gross of fees over a full market cycle.1 The strategy aims to build portfolios that are positively exposed to stocks that perform well on ESG2 measures and avoid those that do not meet our minimum acceptable standards. Through engagement we also aim to encourage good practice from companies in terms of their environmental and social impact, as well as strong corporate governance. We do not believe that ESG integration means that investors should have to compromise on returns.

1There can be no guarantee that any investment objectives or outcomes will be achieved.
2Environmental, Social and Governance is referred to as ESG throughout the website.


Schroder QEP Global ESG is an index-unconstrained strategy investing in stocks on the basis of valuations, business quality and ESG considerations. Analyzing a broad universe of ESG-rated stocks across developed and emerging countries, the team constructs highly diversified portfolios without sacrificing conviction.

This strategy is based on our long-running Global Blend offering and the objective of QEP Global ESG is in line with that.

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