Craig Botham

Emerging Markets Economist


Thought Leadership (en Inglés)

18MAR. 2019

Does it matter if China gets old before it gets rich?

Craig Botham explains why China’s demographic decline may be less of an issue than the medicine required to offset its impact and support strong economic growth.



05MAR. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

China cuts growth target, but no signs of mega stimulus

Quickview: China lowers its 2019 growth target to 6-6.5%, but so far no signs of mega stimulus from National People’s Congress


12FEB. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Why China’s recent slowdown may be more pronounced than investors realise

Schroders’ China Activity Indicator has slowed sharply.

07FEB. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

India's central bank takes a dovish turn

The central bank has cut interest rates but a pause may have been a more prudent option.

01FEB. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - February 2019

In our latest update we discuss the degree of pessimism in European equity markets, and explore the prospects for emerging market assets and the economic links between China and Australia.


29ENE. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

30-year return forecasts: 2019 update

In our latest update of 30-year return forecasts we find that returns on cash are still poor while equities remain the asset class offering the greatest potential for returns.



11DIC. 2018

Economics (en Inglés)

Resignation rocks rupee and Indian reform outlook

The resignation of India’s central bank governor has implications for politics and financial markets


31OCT. 2018

Análisis macro

Los bond vigilantes, a las puertas en Italia

El elevado nivel de endeudamiento del Gobierno italiano sigue preocupando a los inversores. Los bond vigilantes están al acecho y, en última instancia, decidirán si el país transalpino deberá hacer frente a otra crisis de la deuda.