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08FEB. 2019

Five charts to gauge the environment for equities

Judging the end of the market cycle is difficult. Here, Schroders fund managers - including Nick Kirrage, Nick Kissack and Alex Breese - discuss charts that have caught their eye.

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24DIC. 2018



18DIC. 2018

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Outlook 2019: Asian bonds

We expect that the US dollar’s strength should fade in 2019 as the pace of US rate hikes begins to slow, which will ease the pressure on Asian bonds next year.

13DIC. 2018

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Outlook 2019: Global credit

Valuations have become more attractive and fundamentals are reasonably positive. But a period of transition looms, with central bank support being withdrawn and government bonds now offering a more compelling alternative than they have in many years.

05DIC. 2018

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Perspectivas para 2019: Renta variable mundial

Buscamos empresas que apuesten por lograr cambios en 2019, al tiempo desconfiamos cada vez más de las que se han endeudado en exceso.



13DIC. 2017

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Outlook 2018: Another good year for investors?

We find a spirit of cautious optimism in our round-up of the market views from around Schroders.

07DIC. 2017

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Outlook 2018: Asian ex Japan equities

A supportive global backdrop for Asian stocks means broader secular trends will continue to play out in 2018.

01DIC. 2017

Análisis macro

Outlook 2018: Global economy

In the first part of our series of articles assessing the outlook for next year, Keith Wade discusses whether the Goldilocks combination of strong growth and low inflation can continue in 2018.


22NOV. 2017

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Yield curve flattening: overdone or more to come?

Investors often fear a flattening of the US yield curve as it tends to suggest a lower growth environment ahead. But we think quantitative tightening will likely have an unprecedented impact on the US bond market, just as QE did.