Economics (en Inglés)

18MAR. 2019

Infographic: A view of the world economy in March 2019

In this month's infographic, we raise our growth forecasts for 2020 but downgrade them for 2019 as we illustrate the near-term issues dragging on the economy.



11MAR. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Global economic outlook: slowdown, not recession

We have cut our global GDP growth forecast again for 2019 but have revised up our prediction for 2020 amid greater optimism on the longer-term outlook.


20FEB. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Are investors too pessimistic on European shares?

Some European markets seem priced for recession but economists still forecast growth for the region in 2019.

14FEB. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Germany and Japan avoid recession but weaker global trade bites

Domestic demand improved in both economies at the end of 2018 but trade concerns persist.

11FEB. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Brexit uncertainty weighs on UK GDP growth

The weak growth figures point to risk of recession this year.


31ENE. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Eurozone growth fails to recover as Italy slips into recession

Snapshot: Leading indicators suggest further weakness to come, but European risk assets are already priced for recession.

23ENE. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Three themes for 2019 - and some black swans

We discuss three themes that will shape market performance in the coming year, as well as four events that could take investors by surprise.

23ENE. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

The yield curve explained: is it predicting recession?

Since 1980 the yield curve has accurately predicted the last five US recessions. After nearly a decade of economic expansion, is it telling us that another one is on its way in 2019?