Quantitative Easing


26OCT. 2017

Análisis macro

Upbeat ECB to extend QE into 2018

Monthly purchases will be halved, but repurchases will continue for some time as the economy appears to have turned a corner.

18OCT. 2017

Análisis macro

World economy squeezed: rate rises, QE and emerging markets disinflation

In this month's infographic we look at how central banks will tighten monetary policy, the outlook for UK interest rates and inflation in emerging markets.

17OCT. 2017

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Where next for Japan as election looms?

With an upcoming general election and worries over growth, how do we view the Japanese market?

04OCT. 2017

Análisis macro

From QE to QT - whither global liquidity?

In this month's TalkingEconomics, our economists discuss global liquidity, the outlook for UK interest rates and falling inflation in emerging markets.


28SEP. 2017

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Quantitative tightening: the three things the Fed wants to avoid

After $3.5 trillion of quantitative easing, soon the US authorities will start turning off the taps. But only if they can avoid a market meltdown.

07SEP. 2017

Análisis macro

Draghi stalls for time on QE details

ECB keeps interest rates and QE on hold and fails to talk down the euro.

06SEP. 2017

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

How frightening is quantitative tightening?

We examine some of the potential consequences for markets when the Fed removes the punchbowl of QE. Will it be as boring a process as Janet Yellen hopes?


23AGO. 2017

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Hong Kong versus Singapore: 10 years of banking returns

How have Hong Kong and Singapore banks fared since the onset of the Global Financial Crisis? We take a look at a decade of returns to find out.

09AGO. 2017

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

The global financial crisis 10 years on: six charts that tell the story

It has been 10 years since the start of the global financial crisis. We show the impact then and during the decade that followed.

01AGO. 2017

Análisis macro

Eurozone growth goes from strength to strength

Real GDP accelerates as ECB mulls tapering QE.