01AOÛT 2017

Six charts that caught our attention in July

We highlight some of the charts that we found interesting this month, including UK house prices, Chinese trade and the declining dollar.


26JUIL. 2017

Why churn is not necessarily burn

As covered in the Financial Times, our research challenges the conventional wisdom that portfolio turnover and transaction costs should be minimised, and finds it to be misguided.

25JUIL. 2017

The FTSE in 2017: six charts that tell the story so far

The UK stockmarket rose in the first half of 2017 in the face of political and economic uncertainty. We look at why and what the future may bring.

24JUIL. 2017

Why is producer price inflation so important for eurozone companies?

With prices rising again in the eurozone, we look at what this means for company profits.

21JUIL. 2017

Do only “smart cities” have the answer?

Close to a quarter of the world’s population lives in cities, and the percentage is rising. We look at how cities are getting smarter to cope with congestion and fight climate change.

20JUIL. 2017

EuroView: Recovery continues and risks recede but how much is left in the tank?

European equities remain a recovery story, says Rory Bateman in his latest EuroView. He discusses recent positive economic data as well as banks, Brexit, and fund flows.

14JUIL. 2017

What does the "rise of the robots" mean for asset prices?

The world could be heading for a dystopian or booming future thanks to the incredible advances being made in automation. We look at the robot age and what it might mean for investors.

12JUIL. 2017

European banks: why investors should still be choosy even as prospects brighten

Bank shares have been supported by expectations of higher interest rates but these could take some time to materialise. We prefer banks that are less reliant on the rate backdrop and note UK banks look attractive for patient investors.

11JUIL. 2017

20 years on: could the Asian financial crisis be repeated?

Matthew Dobbs, a veteran Asian fund manager, was in the eye of the storm in 1997. He examines why it happened and whether it could be repeated

06JUIL. 2017

Quarterly markets review - Q2 2017

An overview of markets in Q2 2017 when equities were supported by encouraging corporate earnings and a generally positive economic picture.