03MAI 2016

60 seconds on why investors should keep faith in Japanese equities

The recent negative view of Japan is blurring the outlook for equity investors, but once the current uncertainty clears we see a positive outlook for Japanese equities.


11AVR. 2016

60 seconds with Marcus Brookes on the inflation conundrum facing investors

2016 has seen tentative signs of a pick-up in inflation, particularly in the US, but should investors start to balance their portfolios towards the beneficiaries of inflation?



27OCT. 2015

60 seconds with Marcus Brookes on the potential for a December rate rise

Marcus Brookes discusses why he believes the US economy is in good health and a Christmas interest rate rise could be on the cards.

12OCT. 2015

Investment Weather Forecast: optimistic on European equities

Rory Bateman discusses the main drivers behind his bullish assessment on the outlook for European equities including benign monetary policy and improving earnings for European corporations.


23SEPT. 2015

60 seconds with Andrew Rose on volatility hitting Japanese equities

2015 has been a good year for investors in the Japanese stockmarket, but in this video fund manager Andrew Rose looks at whether the recent volatility in global markets might signal the end of the rally in Japanese shares.

09SEPT. 2015

60 seconds with Martin Skanberg on European equities' appeal

Martin Skanberg, European Equities Fund Manager, provides an update on eurozone companies, identifying the key drivers supporting an attractive outlook.

07SEPT. 2015

60 seconds with Allan Conway on emerging market volatility

Schroders Head of Emerging Market Equities Allan Conway discusses why he remains optimistic over the outlook for emerging markets despite recent volatility induced by worries over China.


17AOÛT 2015

August 2015 Economic Infographic

Schroders August 2015 economic infographic looks at the problems facing China's policy makers following the equity boom and bust, the political risk in Europe shifting to Iberia, and storm clouds lifting over the global economy.


14JUIL. 2015

60 seconds with Marcus Brookes on the end of China’s longest bull market

The Chinese stockmarket has been hit by a significant correction after a meteoric rise. Marcus Brookes, Head of Multi-Manager, takes a look at what triggered the gains and the subsequent weakness.


16JUIN 2015

60 seconds on why smart beta's appeal is growing

Smart beta investment strategies have been growing in popularity, but what are they? Schroders portfolio manager Stephen Kwa explains.