Keith Wade

Chief Economist and Strategist


28APR 2017


US GDP - better than the headline figure suggests

The latest data points to slowing momentum although the underlying picture seems more encouraging.

28APR 2017

Economische & strategische analyse

May 2017

In this month's update we ask whether the dollar has turned, look at whether the UK's snap election offers hope for a softer Brexit, and see a case of déjà vu in South Africa.

25APR 2017


What a Macron victory would mean for Europe’s economy and equities

How would a Macron presidency in France affect equities, the ECB, Brexit negotiations, and more? At our latest Schroders Live event Keith Wade and Martin Skanberg discussed some of the big issues facing Europe and its markets right now.

20APR 2017


Why populist politics could be good for markets

After a raft of political surprises in the past year, attention turns to the first round of the French presidential election. Keith Wade explains why this is such a big deal for markets and why populism can actually be positive for investors.

19APR 2017


The story of the global economy in pictures - April 2017

In this month's infographic our economists look at whether populism is good for markets, how political risk is shifting to France and why emerging markets are rallying.

18APR 2017


Shock UK election call could strengthen May's Brexit hand

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for a snap general election could bolster her negotiating position with the EU and within her own party. This may potentially lead to a "softer" Brexit.

12APR 2017

Wereldwijd marktperspectief

Q2 2017

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q2 2017. In this edition we look at the impact of populism on markets, discuss our 30-year return forecasts and ask whether the US economy has become less dynamic.

07APR 2017


Slower US payrolls likely a one-off as weather casts cloud on data

Although latest job data from the US is weaker than expected, it is likely to bounce back next month rather than mark the start of a downturn.

03APR 2017


TalkingEconomics: Is populism good for markets?

In this monthly summary of our views on the global economy, we discuss the impact of populist policies on markets, political risk in France and the recent upswing in global trade.


31MRT 2017

Economische & strategische analyse

April 2017

Populism and its effect on markets are under the spotlight in this month's update from Schroders' economists. Inflation, the ECB and the global upswing are among the other topics in focus.