Keith Wade

Chief Economist and Strategist

27JAN 2017


US ended 2016 on high note (despite the GDP figures)

US GDP growth cooled in Q4 but underlying trends remain solid.

27JAN 2017

Economische & strategische analyse

February 2017

In this month's Viewpoint, we discuss recent strong global growth indicators and the prospects for inflation, as well as improving momentum in Europe and the challenges facing China.

20JAN 2017


The story of the global economy in Jan 2017

In this month's infographic our economics team reflect on 2016, a year in which the underdogs bit back. They look at what 2016 will be remembered for and the lessons learned, and then look ahead to 2017 and the issues that will likely dominate investors' minds.

11JAN 2017

Wereldwijd marktperspectief

Q1 2017

We look ahead to what’s in store for the macroeconomic and market picture in 2017, as well as looking back on an eventful 2016 when the US presidential election and Brexit dominated the news.

04JAN 2017


TalkingEconomics - 2016 review: The underdogs bite back

Political upheaval and the need for ongoing support from central banks dominated global economic headlines in 2016, but what lessons have we learnt and what can we expect in 2017?



22DEC 2016

Economische & strategische analyse

January 2017

In this month's viewpoint we review 2016, which ended up being a reasonably good year for risk assets. We also look ahead to 2017 and ask how far the Trump reflation trade can go.

21DEC 2016


The story of the global economy in 2016

In this month's economic infographic we look back at a tumultuous 2016 which began with inflation worries and ended with geopolitical risks in Europe and the US.

15DEC 2016


The story of the global economy in December 2016

In this month's infographic we investigate global growth and the risks presented by a Trump presidency, how higher inflation could dent European growth and why emerging markets continue to push onwards and upwards.

02DEC 2016


Employment report seals December rate rise in the US

The Fed looks poised to raise interest rates as the US approaches full employment.


30NOV 2016

Economische & strategische analyse

December 2016

In the latest viewpoint, our economists upgrade their global growth forecasts for the first time in two years, predict higher inflation will dampen eurozone growth, and look at the impact US stimulus could have on emerging markets.