Keith Wade

Chief Economist and Strategist

04MRT 2016


Schroders Quickview: Payroll report diminishes recession fears

The latest employment figures will allay concerns that the US economy is stalling. However, we believe the authorities will likely wait until June before hiking interest rates again.

02MRT 2016


Schroders climate change survey: economists expect inflationary impact

We surveyed economists at investment banks regarding the impact of climate change on the world economy. The results supported our own analysis that climate change represents a significant threat and will likely be inflationary, while short-termism hampers mitigation efforts.

01MRT 2016

Economische & strategische analyse

March 2016

In this month's Viewpoint we update our global growth forecasts, look at Europe which has become a source of comfort in an uncertain world, and ask whether emerging markets have reached their nadir?


17FEB 2016


February 2016 Economic Infographic

In this month’s infographic, our economists look at whether global economic concerns have been overplayed or whether it’s time for investors to panic.

15FEB 2016


Schroders Quickview: Japan economy keeps pressure on Abe and central bank

Weaker consumer spending had a detrimental impact on Japanese GDP. This will increase pressure on the Bank of Japan (BoJ) to justify its policy stance and could call into question the likelihood of the next consumption tax increase. 

09FEB 2016


How markets perform during tightening cycles

The Schroders Economics team has studied the way markets behave during periods in which the Federal Reserve (Fed) tightens monetary policy, and how they perform following periods of “panic”. Will this time be any different?


29JAN 2016


Schroders Quickview: Japan steps up currency war

In a surprise move the Bank of Japan (BoJ) has taken rates into negative territory with a 20 basis point cut to -0.1% for the rate it charges to financial institutions on their current accounts with the central bank.

29JAN 2016

Economische & strategische analyse

February 2016

In this month's viewpoint our economists discuss whether it is time to hit the panic button, the sterling's slide as political risk comes into focus and China concerns impacting emerging markets.

27JAN 2016


Where next for markets after a turbulent start to 2016?

In the first Schroders Live event of 2016, Bloomberg’s European Markets Editor Mannus Cranny quizzed Keith Wade and Johanna Kyrklund on the most pressing issues facing markets right now. These included matters such as China, the oil price, rate hikes and currency wars.

18JAN 2016


January 2016 Economic Infographic

In the first economic infographic of the year our economists review the events which dominated the economic landscape in 2015 and look ahead at what to expect in 2016.