Keith Wade

Chief Economist and Strategist


03MRT 2015

Economische & strategische analyse

February 2015

Schroders senior economists see risks of deflation in the eurozone and a hard landing in China but upside potential from a G7 boom, lower energy prices and fiscal stimulus in the eurozone.


30JAN 2015

Economische & strategische analyse

January 2015

In this month's Viewpoint: Global 1: Careful what you wish for, Global 2: Lower inflation is only half the story, Europe: As ECB begins QE, Greece votes for austerity to end, Emerging markets: Is bad news in China good news for commodities? And Views at a glance.

14JAN 2015

Wereldwijd marktperspectief

Q1 2015



23DEC 2014

Economische & strategische analyse

December 2014


28NOV 2014

Economische & strategische analyse

November 2014

In this month's Viewpoint: Global forecast update and outlook for 2015, Europe: Edging closer to sovereign QE, EM forecast update: No bulls in this China shop and Views at a glance.


31OKT 2014

Economische & strategische analyse

October 2014

In this month's Viewpoint: Low inflation bewitches central banks, The Rocky Horror Euro Show, China: No tricks up their sleeve, no treats on offer, and Views at a glance.

16OKT 2014

Wereldwijd marktperspectief

Q4 2014

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q4 2014


30SEP 2014

Economische & strategische analyse

September 2014

In this month's Viewpoint: USD breakout: causes and consequences, UK: Back to business, Brazil: Up the Amazon without a paddle and Views at a glance.


28AUG 2014

Economische & strategische analyse

August 2014

In this month's Viewpoint: Forecast update: recovery continues but headwinds persist, Europe: downside risks rise, EM forecast update: politics and policy and Macro summary


30JUL 2014

Economische & strategische analyse

July 2014

In this month's Viewpoint: US: Why worry about rising wages?, Eurozone: Making progress, The EM export recovery: are we nearly there yet? and Views at a glance.