Keith Wade

Chief Economist and Strategist

18AUG 2017

Economische & strategische analyse

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - September 2017

This month, the economics team discuss the fine lines between positive economic growth and manageable inflation.

11AUG 2017


The story of the global economy in pictures - August 2017

In this month's infographic we look at the pros and cons of low inflation and balance sheet reduction, the state of the UK economy and the outlook for global trade.

04AUG 2017


Fed unlikely to budge despite strong jobs report

Although employment growth is positive, the Federal Reserve will likely remain on hold for 2017 while inflation remains weak and balance sheet reduction looms.

02AUG 2017


TalkingEconomics: Central bank hawks, low inflation and balance sheet reduction

Low inflation is harrying the hawks, and is keeping the Fed cautious as it looks to reduce its balance sheet.


28JUL 2017

Economische & strategische analyse

August 2017

In this month's Viewpoint, we consider the more hawkish tone taken recently by central banks as well as examining the UK labour market and the prospects for global trade.

27JUL 2017


Fed leaves rates on hold and balance sheet reduction is coming soon

The combination of balance sheet reduction and low inflation suggests there may not be another rate hike in 2017.

14JUL 2017


The story of the global economy in pictures - July 2017

In this month's infographic, we take a look at the market's rise so far in 2017 and ask if there are signs of investor complacency.

07JUL 2017

Wereldwijd marktperspectief

Global Market Perspective Q3 2017

In the latest economic and asset allocation views covering Q3 2017 we ask if investors have become complacent, review mid-year markets and look at the historical market impact of presidential impeachments.

05JUL 2017


How impeachment uncertainty could affect US policy and markets

As talk of impeachment continues in the US, we assess the chances of this happening, the outlook for President Trump’s policy agenda, and the potential impact on markets.

04JUL 2017


TalkingEconomics: Are investors complacent?

Our economics team review market performance year-to-date, consider whether we have seen the end of the "Trump trade" and ask if investors have become complacent.