Our business

Focused on value

Our clients' prosperity fuels our success. By seeking to deliver value and ensure they meet their financial objectives we deliver our own goal of a stable, growing business.


Built to deliver

Because we only focus on the things that matter to our clients, we've built a business with broad capabilities, specialist knowledge and deep experience. We are structured to ensure we consistently deliver globally, but always retain the flexibility to remain locally relevant. This means whatever your priorities and wherever you are in the world, we can help you achieve your financial ambitions.

When it comes to creating long-term prosperity for our clients, our asset management and wealth management businesses both share the same three priorities.

  1. We always start by building lasting relationships with our clients. We use these to gain in-depth understanding of their needs, circumstances and ambitions, and a clear view of how these will evolve and adapt.
  2. We gather the best talent, create specialist teams and encourage individual thinking. This gives our clients a unique lens on the investment world and allows us to channel their insights into our third priority.
  3. We use our client relationships and market insight to design bespoke products and services. These tailor fit our clients and are rigorously tested for fitness-for-purpose.

Our asset management business is built around three pillars: Investment is the portfolio management, research and dealing function; Product covers our innovative product development, marketing and market intelligence teams; and Distribution focuses on sales and client service.

More than 50 teams across 20 global locations actively manage all of our investment strategies with a clear long-term goal in mind for each client - to build their prosperity for the long term. We believe that by taking an active management approach we are free to challenge conventional thinking, interpret real time data intelligence, and create real value for our clients. Each time we invest in  a company you can be sure that we have first invested the time and effort to understand its structure, market, management and potential. And once we invest we lend our experience and expertise to help generate sustainable success.

Investment covers:

  • Equities: Equity investments in public markets, including single country, regional and global funds. They also feature small and mid-cap funds, growth, value and quantitative strategies. And defensive strategies to help mitigate market risk.
  • Fixed Income: Fundamental and quantitative approaches based on our research intensive, globally-integrated, credit and macro capabilities.
  • Multi-Asset: Combining different asset classes to offer a full range of customised strategies and pooled products. We specialise in providing a consultative approach for our clients.
  • Private Assets and Alternatives: A wide range of capabilities which provide access to opportunities not available in traditional public markets.

Product combines a global team of over 400 people to bring purposeful design and investor value to all of our investments. All of our teams are focused on delivering investment flexible enough to adapt to change and keep maximising value for our clients.

  • The Product team specialise in product strategy and development, and in portfolio solutions, product management, marketing and product operations. The focus is on products that are fit-for-purpose and lasting.
  • Underpinning this work is our innovative market intelligence function. They provide analytical insights on market trends, changing client priorities and knowledge of our industry as a whole.
  • Ensuring that our processes are effective and efficient, our client reporting relevant and timely, and that we stay ahead of the shifting regulatory environment is the role of our product operations group.

Distribution is focused on building close, lasting relationships with each of our clients. It's the understanding that this brings that's key to building their future prosperity. Enduring relationships are nothing new at Schroders - our reputation has been built over two centuries of partnership with our clients, and continues to be the responsibility of this team of 500 specialists.

As a long-established wealth manager with an absolute focus on preserving and growing our clients’ wealth, what matters most to our clients matters most to us. 

Private individuals, family offices, trusts, businesses and pension plans all rely on us to provide them with bespoke, discretionary and advisory investment services. Skilled in investment management, wealth planning and banking services – we also offer discretionary fund management to external advisers and their clients, and we are a leading charity fund manager in the UK. 

Wherever our clients are in the world, we take the time to understand what matters most to them. We are a leader in wealth management in the UK and have a strong presence in the Channel Islands and Switzerland, as well as offices in Frankfurt, Gibraltar, Milan, Madrid, Hong Kong and Singapore.

With each client we always plan for the long-term and invest the time to build a personal understanding of their unique circumstances, goals and ambitions. The majority of our clients, and many of our own people, work with us for years, decades and even generations. This creates relationships of unusual depth and understanding.

Our portfolio managers are free to invest from across the market – with our own in house funds competing with the very best available and subject to the same scrutiny and rigorous testing. All of our clients benefit from the combined expertise of the entire Schroders group – 700 investment professionals aiming to deliver long-term value.